Self-Care Sunday

Self-Care Sunday


Date: 4/18
Time: 1pm to 5pm
Location: 9830 Lake Forest Blvd Suite 123
Price $50



Self-care Sundays

Come out, meet and enjoy brunch with the counselors of Aspire to Empower Counseling Services LLC as they kickoff the first event of their self-care series. Over the past year I’m sure you’ve heard and seen the word SELF-CARE everywhere. During these events you’ll learn exactly what self-care is, what it consists of as well as how you can create a self-care routine for yourself. Each Sunday we’ll showcase a black-owned business whether it’s vendor that provides a service that you mae want to include in your personal routine or just simply different food entrepreneurs that will be providing the delicious meals will be provided for you as you learn ways to become a healthier version of you


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