“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly”

Play Therapy: Do you have a child that is always getting into trouble at school? Have you ever watched your child struggle with finding the words to explain what it is their trying to say to you? Is your child especially quiet, and you fear they are not sharing thoughts with you that they should? Children who can’t express themselves can often connect well with play therapy. Play therapy allows children the ability to express themselves in a safe and supportive space, using their natural language while learning ways to change their behavior, communicate better, and relate to others.

Teen Counseling : “You just don’t get it!”. Do you feel like your parents or teachers just don’t get you? Do you feel like you need privacy they won’t give you? Are you having trouble at school or with friends? Are you feeling alone? Counseling is a good way to sort through any of these feelings, or really anything else you might be going through. Sometimes, it just helps to talk to someone else who might get it!

Parenting Skills & Counseling: Are you the parent of a teenager? Is your teen always in his/her phone? Are you feeling “some kinda way” about the friends that your teen has? Does your child shut you out? Are you arguing more often? Whatever the case…Parents often share that they have a hard time relating to their teenager child.

Family Therapy: It can be hard to keep the family unit healthy, no matter what that looks like (a couple; mom, dad, kids; grandparent and kids; friends living as family).. Whatever your needs might be or whatever your family looks like- I can work with you to help to make communication better. Single parents and children are always welcome as well. Really! Doesn’t matter what your family looks like. Let’s work on making relationships better.

Couples/Marriage Therapy: Straight up…relationships are hard as hell. To start, and definitely to keep together. Whether your issues have been trust or infidelity, conceiving a child, poor communication, sharing household stuff or trying to pay the bills– life happens and can cause relationships and marriages to be stressful. I can help you untangle some of these issues to make the best decisions for the relationship and each individual person in it.