• I.D.F.W.Y.


    Sometimes, m’fers will get fresh wit’ ya and you gotta remind them, I.D.F.W.Y... You lil stupid ah...:-) Let em’ know, clear it out, and cool off with this dope refreshing scent!

    Therapeutic benefits: Affirms boundaries, and encourages self preservation and relaxation.

  • Thirst Trap


    Oh, you thirsty, thirsty? This is the ultimate trap. Thirst Trap screams, “Can you focus on me?!” Then, you can lay it down and get good sleep. Eeeeooow!

    Therapeutic Benefits: Improves attention, good lovin’, and rest.

  • Bih Don’t Kill my Vibe


    Ain’t nuten flyer than a vibe that’s fiya! Get good sleep, find peace, and improve your mood with this Bih Don’t Kill my Vibe scent.

    Therapeutic Benefits: Promotes healthy boundaries, coping, and self-care.

  • Boughetto


    Give em’ allllll the energy that is truly you, hunty! The whole Boughetto=Boujie and Ghetto. Don’t hold back, please.

    This will give you all the energy you need. Therapeutic benefits: Improves mood and encourages positive self-identity.